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Roads to Sicily is a DMC company based in Catania. Its staff is composed of professionals in the tourism sector with more than twenty years differentiated experiences. Every aspect of the organization of a trip is organized and performed by each member of the staff to provide personalized services with the best quality-price ratio and with the maximum attention to detail and personalization of provided services.
Our “Leisure” department is responsible for the organization of trips, both individual and group, in the Sicilian territory, drawing inspiration from everything that Sicily is able to offer to its visitors. The indelible traces of a richest past make unique the experience of a trip to Sicily as few destinations in the world. With memories of everything that every rule has left here. Here the DMC competence of the organization comes into play: the vestiges of Greek and Roman shine like in ancient Greece or the brightest Imperial Rome, the traces of the passage of Arab, Byzantine, Norman, Aragonese cultures are still evident and make all a mix of places and emotions that will remain forever in the memory of the guests.
The “MICE” department can better organize expectations, regardless of its duration and its type, of each event in Sicily. Many, many possibilities offered by the territory, art cities, archaeological sites, heritage sites by UNESCO, amazing and unexpected Nature, the highest active volcano in Europe, the beautiful beaches, with a lot of traditional festivals resulting from the different local cultures, wine and food products even more appreciated all over the world.
The mild climate, ideal for any type of MICE event, for twelve months a year, offers those who come from other latitudes a perfect destination for the organization of an experience that gives to those who organize and its customers maximum satisfaction and the required return.
We are at your disposal to build on your needs, with a multitude of services and ideas, trips and events that will give you and your customers a unique experience that will make them fall in love with Sicily like most of those who have visited it in centuries.
Contact us for all your needs, to better organize the trip of your customers in Sicily, and make their best "Sicilian Experience" come true.
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